International Students

The School of Humanities currently recruits and accepts international undergraduate students in 4majors: humanities (pilot class), Chinese language and literature, English and Japanese. The current enrollment is about 800 international undergraduates.
Introduction to Majors Offered
 Humanities (pilot class)
This major aims to develop and equip students with broad and in-depth humanities knowledge; strong foreign language skills; and the ability to apply knowledge learned to do innovative humanities, cross-cultural, and cross-disciplinary research; international cultural exchange; jornalism and publishing; and other related specialized work.
 Chinese language and literature
This major enables students to develop advanced Chinese reading and communication abilities, especially written communication abilities; systematic knowledge and understanding of Chinese language, literature, society and culture; the ability to conduct Chinese and foreign business and cultural exchanges; grasp of knowledge and theories related to Chinese language and literature; and to acquire beginning training in academic research as preparation for further study and research on Chinese language and literature.
This major aims to develop students’ spirit and ability to innovate; a solid foundation in English and practical language application skills; and mastery of basic knowledge in the English langurage and literature and related literatures. This major prepares students after graduation to become specialists in research, teaching, translation and cultural affairs.
This major aims to develop students’ spirit and ability to innovate, and mastery of basic knowledge of Japanese language and literature and related subjects. It prepares them after graduation for teaching, research, translation or management work in the fields of education, research, foreign affairs, international trade, information management and business.